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Discrimination and Prediction of Transmembrane Beta Strands in Outer Membrane Proteins from amino acid sequence.

This program discriminates outer membrane proteins and predicts transmembrane beta strands in an outer membrane protein from its amino acid sequence. For details, please click here.

To predict transmembrane strands, enter your sequence in a single letter code in the following box.

Sample sequence:

M. Michael Gromiha and Makiko Suwa (2005) A Simple Statistical Method for Discriminating Outer Membrane Proteins with Better Accuracy. Bioinformatics (in press) .

M. Michael Gromiha, Shandar Ahmad and Makiko Suwa (2004) Neural Network Based Prediction of Transmembrane Beta Strand Segments in Outer Membrane Proteins. J. Comp. Chem. 25,762-767.

Contributors for the Analysis and Prediction:
1. M. Michael Gromiha, Computational Biology Research Center, AIST.
2. Shandar Ahmad, Kyushu Institute of Technology.
3. Makiko Suwa, Computational Biology Research Center, AIST.